These services are specifically designed to make each job more cost effective by minimizing delays and completing the project on or ahead of schedule. Working with owners and designers, we help plan an efficient and cost effective approach to building, which includes, overlapping subcontractor scopes wherever possible to shorten the schedule.

Our early analysis of how different project elements will affect the overall schedule generates more efficient advance planning.

At the same time, we clearly communicate goals and objectives to all parties involved in the project.



Our firm defines the objectives, requirements and budget of a project with each of our Clients. We also provide various pre-design services, such as feasibility, environmental impact studies, site selection cost analysis and design requirements.


Once construction begins, our estimating team stays involved with the project to ensure that the budgets are tracking correctly, maintain control of subcontractor scope and assess appropriateness of change orders.

CMI’s construction services are essential components to keeping things running smoothly on our projects. They are integrated with the preconstruction services to ensure a cohesive program and maximizes benefits to the Owner. These services typically include: Price Management, Project Control, Cost Control, Change Management, Request for Information, Submittals, Site Logistics, Scheduling, Communications, and Photo Documentation.


At CMI, we believe in and support the concept of shared leadership. We encourage our employees to lead, regardless of their assigned role on a project, or their perceived position within our company. Every person is of equal importance to the success of our company, and contribution is critical to our success. Everyone must take responsibility for, and share in, leading the efforts in which they are involved.


Property Development, is a multifaceted business process, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and release of existing buildings, to the purchasing and selling of raw and developed land or parcels, to others. CMI also offers land acquisition, Entitlement, feasibility studies and Geotechnical Surveying.